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Alpha Male – Feel Great Massage

Relax and unwind with a fabulous massage at Alpha Male Studio. Different techinques and oils are used which help you to relax and put you at ease to enjoy the treatment!


MAN-IFICENT SWEDISH MASSAGE… Eases away the aches and pains that are caused by a busy, modern, everyday lifestyle. Beneficial for the muscular aches, strains and sprains from sports or work related problems. A regular all-over firm but not too heavy massage. Full body, top to toe back and front; half body; neck, back and shoulders or focusing on any individual area.





• MAN-TASTIC HOT ROCKS MASSAGE… Massage in the style that they enjoyed in the ancient Roman bath-house. A little lighter than Swedish massage as the warmth of the hot rocks is also very therapeutic and very relaxing on your muscles. The most popular choice of massage at the Alpha Male Studio. Has you relaxed and away in the clouds in minutes. Take yourself back to Ancient Rome and drift away for an hour or two. Feel great in mind and body.





• COM-MAN-DO WARM OILS MASSAGE… Brilliant massage for stiffness in any individual area or when you ache all over. Loads of warmed oil. with selected oils, hot or not; heavy or light, whatever feels right. Head to foot, including your butt — When you’ve had a hard day Com-Man-Do eases away all your stiffness. Just lie down, relax and enjoy.




MAN-TRA GENTLE MASSAGE with masculine aromatic oils which complement your hormones and pheromones. No clinical techniques, just long, slow strokes. Low lights, soft music, incense. Sublime time when you need some ‘Me Time’ or just to be pampered. Make sure you have plenty of time to relax. Relaxation can’t be hurried.






MAN-POWER DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. This is the one if you like a heavier, firmer massage. Great after a heavy day at work or leisure; following a little too much gardening, DIY, Finds parts you didn’t know you had.
MAN-IFOLD CARNELIAN RED ROCKS AND HOT OILS MASSAGE. Ideal for all sports, gymnasts and athletes. Perfect for glutes and groin strain. Maintains your muscle-tone if you have to take a break from a regular training routine for a period of time…Or try it just because its a sensational experience!
MAN-IPULATE SPORTS MASSAGE. For sports sprains, strains and injuries. To ease the aches and pains associated with sports, training or competition. Pre or post event muscle-toning.
HIGHWAY-MAN DRIVERS’ MASSAGE. Designed especially for drivers. Taxi, Van, Lorry, Truck, Milk Float, Fire Engine, Tank, Ambulance, Dust Cart…. or even a humble car! Long distances. Long hours. Boring, tedious journeys. All this leads to a tired body and a tired mind. A refreshing turbo shower followed by a good all-over, hot-rocks massage focusing on the thighs, butt, glutes, back and shoulders. Eases the aches and pains from the muscles and joints caused by sitting in one position for too long. Relaxation time to allow the mind to take a break before continuing on your journey. Equally beneficial at the end of a shift. Ideal pit-stop break to recharge your batteries.

WORK-MAN MANUAL WORKERS MASSAGE. Similar to HIGHWAY-MAN but with the focus on the areas giving recent or long term problems from heavy, manual work, just doing a bit of gardening, moving heavy furniture or painting the ceiling; anything that leaves us with aches and pains we didn’t have before we began. Turbo shower, hot rocks massage to ease the aches and pains, relaxation time.